Best No Waste Plastic & Metal Baby Chick Feeder: With Tips

plastic and metal baby chick feeder

Are you facing problems with your poultry baby chicks? Can’t they eat properly from the feeder?

Do they waste food here and there? So you need no waste chick feeder!

Now you are searching to find a plastic chick feeder or metal chick feeder, especially for the baby chicks. I think you have come to the exact place where you may find the actual solution. So don’t skip it.

Here, I will discuss two material types of waterproof baby chicken feeders. One is a plastic-type and the other is a steel-type chick feeder.

I will also share some important notes (written in the last part of this post) that you really need to collect the right chick feeder. So continue reading.

If you have no time for searching for a baby cheek feeder, then you can try this recommended pot for feeding chicks. Otherwise, you should read the basic factors before collecting any feed pot.

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Best Pick: Plastic Baby Chick Feeder

Having no hanging facility, still, this pot for feeding chicks stands in the top position from other chick feed pots. Besides, it is not necessary to hang it because you will just use this for baby chicks.

So normally, you don’t need a hanging chick (poultry) feeder. This is obviously good if you place it on the ground surface so that baby chickens can easily use it. According to this point, this pot is made for chicks.

This feed pot is small in size so you can easily move it to any place. It is made of plastic so you can easily wash it for cleaning. You can use it for a long-lasting purpose. You can also put it outside of the home. Water can’t do any harm to the body of this pot.


  • Flexible use
  • Easy clean


  • May not hung

Mason Jar Baby chicken Feeder, Metal Baby Chick Feeder

This feeder is designed especially for the chick. It is made with steel so it is durable for a long time. Galvanized metal-coated is given in the outer surface of this body for rust-free.

The size of this pot is matchable with chicks so that they can eat food from it. The design of it is safe for any baby chick. Any metal edge can’t do any harm to any chick.

Compatible eight holes are included in it. Baby chickens can eat grains through these holes. If you want to store more food, then you can use a mason jar for storing food for the chick.


  • No corrosion
  • Strong body


  • Can’t use it for chick waterer

Factors You Need to Know Before Buying Feeder

1. Risk-Free

Sharp free edges of metal feeders are important for poultry baby chicks. The eye and leap of chicks may damage this sharp edge of the feed pot.

So you should focus on this point when you decide to collect metal feeders. When you collect any plastic material, then you should avoid BPA (bisphenol A) free material.

This material includes harmful chemical elements. The good news is that here the suggested plastic feeder is BPA-free.

2. Design

For easy and flexible use of feed pots, structural design is also important. If the height of any feed pot is bigger than chicks, then they can’t use it properly. So you should also keep alert about this issue.

3. Size and Capacity

Before collecting any feed pot, at first, you should measure the size and feeding capacity of poultry chicks. If you don’t do that, then you can’t plan to collect the actual feeder quantity.

Here, the size of this recommended plastic and metal feeder is very small. So you can place it any place where required. The highest capacity of this plastic feeder is around 11-12 chicks and the capacity of the metal feed pot is the same as the plastic feed pot.

4. Quick Clean

You should always keep the feed pot clean. So you need to collect easily cleanable feeders. Here the suggested feed pot is also quickly cleanable.

5. Budget

If you can do the actual plan according to the capacity, then the budget is not a factor. Just you need to collect the best one for your baby chickens.

How to Use Chick Feeder

When you will use grains like barley, oats, whole wheat, and millet for your poultry chicks, then you should need an accurate type of feed pot. You also need to know how to use this pot for newborn chicks. This is an easy way to use that.

After collecting feed pots, at first, you need to wash them properly. Then dry it a few times. After that, fill it with grains. Position it in a visible area.

Next, mark it with a red color cloth or paper so that chicks can easily identify it. The red color is very visible for any baby chicken. When it is dirty, clean it properly on a regular basis.

Types of Chick Feeder

Nowadays, Basically, two types of feed pots are used everywhere in most cases. They are:

Plastic Body Chick Feeder

Feeding holes are included in this pot. One plastic jar is added for storing grains.

The height of this pot is adjustable with chicks. So there is no problem when baby chickens are using this type of plastic pot.

Besides, it is also waterproof because the material of this pot is plastic. For the ideal design of this pot, it is easy to clean.

The weight of this pot is very light. So you can move it to any place easily. It is not fireproof. In a low-quality plastic feeder, there may fracture after using it for a long time.

Metal Body Chick Feeder

The design structure of this pot is almost the same as the plastic feeder. But the difference is that its body is made of metal.

For high quality, there is also available galvanized steel material in it. This is the reason why it is rust and corrosion-free. It is also waterproof and easy to clean so you can maintain it in a quick time.

So it is more durable and high strength than other feed pots. It is also a lightweight feeder so that you can easily move it as required.

How to Make no Waste Baby Chick Feeder

If you have some time and are really interested in making a chick feeder, then you can do it. For making this, at first, you need to collect equipment like a small plastic bucket or jar.

Then collect a sharp knife and make some holes around the bottom edge of that bucket. You can hole around 1 or 2 inches or your requirement.

You should keep the hole at the required size so that grains can automatically come out through these holes. You can make 3 to 5 holes as per your requirement.

After doing that, adjust this bucket to a wide flat surface bowl. You can adjust this bucket to the bowl by using glue or screws.

Make sure that you should adjust the surface of the bottom hole part of that bucket with the bowl. After doing this, put grain into the bucket.

Here you will see that some grains come out through the bottom hole of this bucket and baby chickens can easily eat grain from the bowl.

By using this method you can make a common homemade baby chick feeder DIY in your home. If you have an emergency and are not able to make any type of feed pot, then you can just use a food bowl for feeding the chicks.

But it will be better if you use a quality feeding pot for your poultry chicks.

More Information of Feeder You May Need

Feed for Baby Chickens after Hatching

After hatching, baby chickens need starter feed. From the first week to eight weeks, they need a balanced food with protein (10 – 20%).

When chicks start growing, normally they eat leafy (small green leaves) like clover, lettuce, alfalfa, spinach, etc.

You can serve meat scraps because at that time they love it. You should start to supply grains like whole wheat, oats, and millet to your baby chicks

Stop Baby Chickens from Wasting Feed

Do chicks waste food? If yes, then you should immediately take a step to stop wasting feed. Now you can ask me how is it possible?

In this situation, I want to tell you to use a proper chick feeder for removing extra costs. Choose the reliable design of chick feeder that you really need.

The question may be in your mind: why do chicks waste feed? There is also a reason for that. Normally when they start to eat grains, there is some movement of grains.

This movement is created by the chick’s leap when they continue eating. In this situation, a well-structured feeder can stop the movement of grains.

As a result, no food can’t come out outside the feed pot and there is not creating feed waste. You can make this type of no waste feeder in your home.

If you are unable to make or collect those chick feeders, then you can collect it from the marketplace. This is how you can feed a chick without waste.

Keep Chicks Feed Dry

Remember, you should be alert to keep the baby chicken’s feed dry. For this, You need to maintain some ways. Which way do you follow? That’s your choice.

Way One: Use a small portable type of chick feeder so that you can easily clean and dry it.

Way Two: You should not place a feeder in the open field so that rainwater can’t do any harm.

Way Three: Normally huge amounts of storage food may be affected by germs and moisture. You should try to supply a limited amount of food on a daily basis.

By following these ways, chicks may get dry and fresh food.

Don’t Keep Empty Chick’s Feeder

On the first morning, you should keep food in the feed pot. By doing this on a regular basis, chicks will get fresh food to eat and they actually eat that food as their requirement.

If baby chickens don’t get food in the morning regularly, their growth may be hampered. So you should keep alert about this and try to store some food in that pot.

Make Sure Baby Chickens Can Drink During Eating

After eating a grain type of food, sometimes a mixed flock of chicks needs emergency water as required. If they don’t get available water to drink, then it will not be good for you.

So at first, you should keep concentrating on available freshwater for starter chicks. You should also supply food on a demand basis.

Normally baby chickens are unable to reach the water source 10 feet away. So you should use effective and small waterer at a small distance for them.

My Viewpoint on the Feeder

Here, the overall information that you should know before collecting any feed pot for only chicks. Because you know that a normal feeder is not suitable for them.

This is the reason why you should manage a small size feed pot that is easily adjustable to a flock of chicks.

Here, I have also tried to discuss two types of chick feeders. Plastic and metal structure feeders.

I have shared some most important factors that you really need if you are a new starter for business.

Besides, These factors are also needed for any poultry farmers before buying any newly upgraded feeder.

I have also shared a short type of summary about how to make a normal feed pot for brooder chicks. If you are not interested in collecting this pot, then you can make a feed pot for your farm.

But remember, you can’t get a better facility from your homemade feeder. So my suggestion is that you should focus on quality feeders and water for your poultry farm.

After collecting the feed pot, you should know the feeding procedure of the chick. Some information, I have also tried to give about feed pots.

Collecting a better feed pot is not the total solution for growing chicks. You need to know the basic final hatching procedure of baby chickens.

If you have some more time, then you can read the question with the answer in the FAQ section.

Asked Questions About Feeder

How Much do Baby Chicks Eat Per Week?

For the first 7- 8 weeks, a baby chick eats around 7 to 14 ounces of feed per week. So you don’t need to force the baby chick to feed.

After growing for a few weeks, you can supply meat for your baby chickens. For ten chicks, almost one ounce of meat is required.

Do you overfeed chicks anyhow?

Don’t overfeed your baby chickens because they may get diarrhea. So be careful about their feeding amount. Don’t force them to feed all day. They automatically eat food, when they require it.

Do You Throw Chick Feed on the Ground?

Throwing feed on the ground is not the right way to feed the chicks. You should use a reliable feeder for your chicks. Besides, you may need a lot of food, if you don’t use any feed pot.

If you use a feed pot and keep it in a safe place near the chicks, then they automatically eat food when they need it. So the better idea is that you should use a quality feeder if you want to gain a high profit.

Do You Really Need Chick Feeders All the Time?

If you want to grow your business and remove some costs, then you should follow the regular food routine of chicks. By using a feeder, you can maintain the food supply to chicks.

Besides, you can reduce extra food waste all the time. But remember, you must choose the better feeder for your chick. Before collecting it, you must read the basic factors that I have already told you.

Does a Baby Chick Require Vitamins or Other Extra Nutrients?

If you can give an effective environment and some nutrients to the chicks, then they can grow up quickly. For this, you also need to know the basic idea of a chick’s healthy food. In winter season, you should provide required temperature to them by using heater.

You should not provide layer ration to chicks because it contains high calcium which may damage the kidneys of chicks. So be careful about it.

You should also keep alert to ensure clean and fresh water to them. According to the physical condition, exact vitamins are required instantly. I think this is not a hard task for you.

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