Best Stainless Steel & Plastic Poultry Chicken Waterer

stainless steel and plastic poultry chicken waterer (drinker)

Are you seriously feeling tension for not getting a reliable stainless steel chicken waterer? Do you really need a strong plastic-type chicken waterer?

Do you feel any problem drinking cold water to chickens and other adult birds in the winter season?

Aren’t your backyard flock interested or don’t they get extra facilities during drinking water?

I think you have come to the right place if you really want to get reliable drinkers for poultry birds.

Here I am telling you about two reliable poultry waterers. Besides, I will also give you some tips at the end of this post for collecting a reliable chicken waterer.

So keep reading . . .

In the past, I have also searched for the right water pot with a great structure from the marketplace. But then I saw that there are different kinds of poultry drinkers. All of them are not preferable for me.

Then I personally thought about finding a reliable one for long-term use for both warmer weather and cold season.

Here I also picked two types of poultry drinkers. One is a reliable plastic type and the other is a stainless steel type of poultry water pot.

If you don’t have any time in hand, then you can try these products. Otherwise, you should read the basic data of poultry drinkers before collecting from any marketplace.

Automatic Poultry Nipple Waterer (Drinker), Plastic Type

Though this nipple waterer has a little disadvantage, it still stands in a better position than other drinkers. It has a good smart system like nipple point.

No excess water is lost. This is the reason why the area of this water pot is kept clean. It has an easy cleaning system. The hanging part of this drinker is made of metal.

You can hang it anywhere or place it on any ground section, that’s your choice. You can easily remove the lid of this drinker for water supply. It is controlled by an internal thermostat so that you can manage it easily.

You can also see the water level for easy replenishment. A heater is adjusted to it so that it can automatically turn cold water into normal water. The capacity of this drinker is 7.6 liter. So it is also light in weight and easily portable.


  • The water source remains clean
  • Most popular selling drinker
  • Get normal water in the winter season


  • The cord is not removable

WOVTE Heated Base, Poultry Waterer Drinker Heated Base

WOVTE Heated Base, Poultry Waterer Drinker Heated Base

Metal Poultry Founts Water Heater, Automatic Pet Water Heater

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Metal Stainless Steel Poultry Waterer (Drinker)

If you are interested in metal waterers, then you can try this steel water pot because it has a stainless steel wall for long-lasting. The available capacity of this water pot is 7.6 liter and 18.9 liters.

The flow of water is fixed. So it is one type of automatic chicken waterer with floats. It is built with a double metal strong wall plate. It is heavy weighted material.

So there will be no crack in it. It is a vacuum-type waterer. So there is no problem to flow exact water for poultry birds. The more news is that it is much easier to use and clean at any time. It has a metal handle for hanging. It has a vacuum-sealed unit for a constant water supply.


  • Vacuum type water supply
  • Heavy-duty metal body


  • Not hanging for a long time

Factors You Need to Know Before Buying poultry waterer

1. Toxic or Non-Toxic Material

You should keep knowledge about whether the material of a water pot is hazardous or not. The good news is that normally plastic material of waterer doesn’t include bisphenol A (BPA) that creates harm to poultry birds.

2. Size and Capacity

You should be concerned about the size of the poultry drinker because you get all your adult chickens or other birds to drink water equally.

This is the reason why you should at first plan about the water volume that you will need for your poultry birds.

After planning, then you will understand how many poultry drinkers you really need. For example, If you have 15 chickens, then around 2 gallons (7.6 liters) of water is ok.

If you have 80 chickens, then you will need around 5 gallons (18.9 liters) of poultry waterer. Now, you can get the answer to this question (what amount of water does a chicken need ? ). Normally a matured bird or chicken drinks around .5 liters per day.

So I think you can measure what amount of water you need for your farm pets. You can also make a decision to collect the number of drinkers for your poultry flocks.

3. Structure Material

Which material is used in poultry waterer? Which material is better for drinkers? For knowing the answer, at first, you should know the types of material that are used in the drinker. Normally there are two types of material like metal and plastic.

There may be fractures in the plastic water pots. It is a lightweight water pot for easy mobility. If a good and heavy-duty plastic design is used by a water pot, then it lasts for a long time and also provides a good service.

On the other hand, there may be corrosion in the metal water pots. It is a heavyweight and strong waterer. For avoiding corrosion, galvanized steel material is used in quality metal waterers. So you should be concerned about the material of the drinker before collection.

4. Durability

The durability of poultry drinkers is important for long-lasting without any problem. If you collect a plastic material type of drinker, then you should be concerned about the quality plastic of that drinker.

On the other hand, if you are interested in metal water pots, then you should focus on galvanized steel waterers.

5. Easy Clean

Having a quick cleaning system of a drinker is also a positive sign. You should always be alert about the diseases of chicken and other poultry birds. This is the reason why you have to focus on the easy-clean system before collecting drinkers.

6. Budget

Budget is also an issue for collecting drinkers. My suggestion is that you should be concerned about the waterer for starting your business.

For doing this you should need a budget plan for starting a poultry business with the poultry waterers.

How to Train Chickens to Use Nipple Waterer

Many poultry owners look for nipple waterers because they want to keep their drinker place clean. In this situation, nipple drinkers can help to keep the water source area clean. This method is the best way to drink chicken.

But the important thing is that poultry birds don’t know how to drink from the nipple drinker. So now I am giving you some tips so that you can easily solve this situation. If you follow these suggestions, I think you will have no problem using this drinker.

Step One: Remove Old Waterer

After collecting the nipple waterer, place it at the location of the old water pot. After doing this, any poultry bird doesn’t find that old drinker.

Step Two: Ready Nipple Waterer

At this step, set this drinker accurately and supply water to it. Then check it properly. After preparation for this new drinker, go to step three.

Step Three: Select a Young Chicken

From all your birds, just select a young bird. Because old chickens don’t want to change old habits easily.

Step Four: Touch Chicken Lip to Nipple Waterer

Move this young chicken near this new drinker. In this situation, this chicken is also looking for a water source for drinking. Now touch the chicken lip to the nipple point.

When little water comes out, this chicken will drink it. Do this process repeatedly with your selected one chicken.

When this chicken starts to drink from that drinker, all other birds will automatically drink from this water source.

How to Clean Chicken Waterer

You should clean your poultry waterer at least four times per month. First, collect all cleaning accessories such as white vinegar or other chicken water pot cleaner and a soft brush. After that unplug the electric cord if it has. Then open all parts of that drinker.

After doing that, clean the drinker with white vinegar and brush. It is not important to use vinegar. You can also use another cleaner.

Next, rub smoothly with a brush so that there is no available dirty element in the drinker. Then wash it with clean water. Finally, dry it and reuse it again.

Remember, dust and germs can harm any poultry birds. So you should keep the drinker and other accessories clean on a regular basis.

Types of Poultry Chicken Waterers

According to design, there are many variations in the poultry waterer system. Here, I am describing the most popular types among them.

Nipple Type Waterer

It has nipples around the drinker. Chicken can drink through this chicken water nipple. Only water comes out when this nipple is touched or slightly pressured.

This system is a super-advanced system that is now popular day by day. By using this drinker, no damp is created around it. So the ground of this drinker will remain clean.

Vacuum Type Waterer

This is another type of drinker which is also a popular one. Smooth and constant water flows by this vacuum system. During the drinking time of birds, just the required water comes out.

Galvanize Type Steel Waterer

It is one type of vacuum waterer which is also growing popular day by day.

Gravity-fed PVC Chicken Waterer

Polyvinyl chloride pipe is used in this drinker. The nipple can be adjusted in this pipe. It works by using the gravity law of science.

This drinker is a long type of pipe where the nipple and other parts are adjusted for the smooth flow of water.

Traditional Waterer

This is a normal type of drinker. Normally people use any water storing tub or bowl for poultry birds. This tub is called a traditional tub.

By using this, you have to give extra work for cleaning the area. Damp is quickly created if you use this traditional water pot.

Besides, the poultry waterer can also be divided into these three terms. Such as non-automatic waterers, continuous flow troughs, and float-valve waterers. (source)

There are given more information of poultry drinker you may need.

Stainless Steel Poultry Waterer

There are many types of poultry drinkers. Among them, the steel chicken drinker also has huge popularity because of its durability and strength.

There is no impact in the fire while plastic-type of waterer has some impact. If you collect metal water pots, then my suggestion is that you should choose a double-layer type of steel drinker. Otherwise, you can move to a plastic-type of a drinker.

Heated Waterer (Water Bucket) for Chickens

During the winter season, your poultry birds may have faced some problems. They can’t drink cold water in cold weather.

For this situation, you need a heated type waterer. In this situation, my suggested nipple type of water pot may be reliable for you.

Otherwise, you can collect this heated base for a chicken drinker from any shop. So by using a heated waterer, you can keep the chicken drinker from freezing.

The more good news for you is that chickens can drink rainwater. So if you can collect them, give them for drinking.

Large and Small Heated Chicken Waterer: Which Is Best?

This depends on the capacity of your poultry birds. Besides, if you have budget problems and want to start a business anyhow, then my suggestion is that you should start with a small capacity of the waterer and other accessories.

After growing your business, you can also reuse them. If you have enough budget, I think you should also start with a small capacity one. Because starting any business is a testing process.

If you get success with a small one, you can easily start a big-budget business with a high capacity of poultry accessories.

Best Watering System for Chickens

As a survey, plastic and steel types of waterer are still reliable. But they should be made of good quality material.

If you have some knowledge about poultry drinkers, you will be able to collect the best one. Otherwise, you should read the factors (written in the top parts of this post) before collecting any quality waterer for chickens.

Chicken Waterer Hanging System

Not all drinkers have a hanging system. But some special drinkers have hanging metal rods. So before buying any drinker, you should confirm the availability of a hanging rod.

Normally there is no need to hang a water pot. The best position of this type of drinker is to place the ground perfectly.

Diy Chicken Waterer Nipples

Making a chicken drinker of 2 or 5-gallon capacity is not an easy task. But if you try, you can also make it at home.

But you can’t get a better facility from it than another automatic waterer. If you don’t want to buy a chicken water pot, then you can make it in your home.

Just collect a bucket of about 5 gallons of water. Cut the portion as you require. Add nipples in it. Then set it in a safe place. Steps are given below:

Step 1: Collect poultry water nipple, drill machine, bucket, silicone sealant.

Step 2: Drill some holes at the bottom of that bucket or container.

Step 3: Add those screw nipples with silicone sealant.

Step 4: Wait for some time to dry the nipple joint.

Step 5: After drying that joint, clean the bucket and fill it with clean water. Finally, now you can use it as a chicken water pot.

Remember, this homemade water pot will not be an automatic type of drinker. The ground area may be dirty.

Heated Chicken Water Unfreeze Without Electricity

Some areas don’t have electricity for different reasons. In the winter season, farmers face some problems for their poultry birds.

Among those problems, the main problem is that they can’t heat cold water for their birds. If there is no electricity, then they really face this type of problem.

This is the reason why now, I am sharing a method that you may follow for keeping water normal without electricity!

Method: Use Thick Black Rubber Tub

If you want to keep water unfrozen for a long time, then you should collect a black-colored rubber tub. In this situation, if you recently used a metal tub for gathering water, then my suggestion is that you should remove this metal tub right now.

Then, you should collect that rubber type of tub for gathering water. It must be thickly layered with plastic and wider space large size. This tub gets light from the sun in the daytime and produces heat in it.

This produced heat can’t easily pass the rubber tub. This is the reason why water doesn’t freeze quickly and stays normal for a long time.

My Viewpoint on Poultry Waterer

In summary, I want to tell you that here I have tried to understand the waterer of poultry birds. I have discussed some factors that you of course need before collecting any drinker.

I have shared how to teach chickens to use nipple waterers. I have also shared how to hygiene waterer easily. I have also given a summary of different types of chicken watering systems.

You have also known how to keep normal water from freezing free without electricity.

One thing that I want to tell you is when you place any new drinker in your poultry area, then use a red color sign in this drinker.

You can use red cloth, paper, etc in that drinker. Because chicken or other birds easily detect red color. This is the reason why they will automatically find the actual position of the drinker.

Before placing a new drinker, remove the old water source instantly.

Finally, I want to say that if you are a starter, then at first, plan the budget and collect reliable poultry water pots and other accessories. You should need some ideas about drinkers. Then, I think, you will be able to select the best one.

If you read this full post, then, I think, you have learned some basic knowledge about drinkers. So best of luck to you.

If you have some more time in hand, then you can read the FAQ questions with answers about poultry drinker

Asked Questions about Poultry Waterer

Should You Keep the Water Pot in the Coop?

The clear answer is no. But there are some situations. Normally you should not keep any food and water pot in the coop.

Because it may cause dampness, food can be ruined or spoiled, rats may create diseases. The better solution is that you should keep food outside the coop on the runway side of chickens.

If there is a rainy season, then you can keep food in the coop. But you should keep alert about that food so that chicken can’t damage that food inside the coop.

Does Vinegar Clean Chicken Waterer and Other Accessories?

You can use white vinegar for cleaning that drinker and other things. Besides, you can also use other cleaner materials of chicken waterer if you can.

My suggestion is, don’t use bleach, because it is dangerous and it may harm your poultry birds.

Doesn’t My Chickens Want to Drink?

Chickens don’t like warm water and unclean water. If any poultry drinker looks dirty, then any poultry bird is not interested to drink from that drinker.

So your duty is that you always serve them clean water. You also clean the drinker regularly. Remember one thing: the height of the drinker and chicken should be flexible.

After doing that, I think your chicken and other birds are interested in drinking water.

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