Elevated Chicken Coops for 4-15 Chickens: Waterproof Roof

elevated chicken coops with waterproof roofs

Are you planning to start a chicken coop with 3 – 4 chickens or 10 – 15 chickens? So you are searching for reliable coops. Are you finding water-resistant (waterproof) chicken coops with roofs? Because your existing coop didn’t last long due to bad weather conditions.

In this situation, I want to tell you that you are coming to the right location where you will get reliable information about tall or elevated chicken coops. Now, you can ask me how to get that reliable coop for poultry birds?

Don’t worry, Here, I will give you the example of two types of chicken houses. I will also give you some important notes that are given in the last portion of this post.

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N.B: The other name of this coop is the chicken house or bird’s house.

According to data, it is found that, 9 out of 10 chickens like to live in a good design coop. (source)

If you have no time then you can try the recommended and reliable chicken houses. Otherwise, you can collect it from anywhere in the marketplace. But before collecting it by yourself in the marketplace, at first, you should read the basic notes and factors about it.

At first, I also didn’t know any type of bird’s house that was actually waterproof? So I started to know the construction material of it. Normally it is made of wood. After searching, finally, I found out that fir wood is also strong and highly waterproof. Wax is included in this wood. This is the main specialty of this wood. (source)

If you are in a hurry, then you can try this type of chicken house which also has a waterproof roof panel.

Hanover Elevated Wooden Chicken Coop

Hanover Elevated Wooden Chicken Coop

with Ramp, Planting Area, Wire Mesh Run, Waterproof Roof

4.25 Ft. x 4 Ft. x 4.2 Ft.

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Morgete 137'' Chicken Coop for 8 - 10 Chickens

Morgete 137” Chicken Coop for 8 – 10 Chickens

Large Hen House

with 2 Nest Box, Wood Poultry Cage with 6 Perches

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Best Pick: Backyard Raised Chicken Coop

Though the material of this coop is wood, it is still a top-rated product for specific reasons. The main specialty is that it is made with high-quality wood for lasting long. It is a frame poultry chicken coop with nesting boxes.

It has a required space for the pet’s run. The total run’s area is covered with chicken wire. Two coops are joined together. It has a nice structural weatherproof design. So it can be a safe home for pets.

It includes two nesting boxes. This is the reason why you can easily collect and deposit eggs. For entering the coops, there are ramps included in them. It has the proper airflow system for pets.

In bad weather conditions, pets can stay safe in this house. It has a flexible cleaning system because four doors are included for easy maintenance. It also has moving trays for cleaning pet’s wastage.

For staying safe from wet conditions, the main chamber is elevated at a specific distance. For chicken, four total perches (roosting beds) are included in this house. Two perches are put in each room. You can use light in it.


  • The coop is elevated from the ground.
  • Waterproof roof
  • Capacity 10-15 chickens or other pets (6-8 chicks is better)


  • Recommended capacity may not work for large hens

Runner Up: Alternative Chicken Coop

Large Elevated Chicken Coop with Run

You can try it because a new improvement is added to it. You know that wet wastage or dust is tough for cleaning.

This is the reason why the PVC layer is included in the bottom section of this coop. So you can easily clean it with water spray or normal water.

A movable tray is included in it for easy maintenance. It also has four doors for quick maintenance. It also has two ramps for pets.

The material is top quality and durable for a long time. This is the reason why it may be perfect for your pets.

The inside space of it is 14.4 Square feet. For rabbit Hutch, it can be a nice one. Besides, you can use it for other pets too. The Run area has no wooden floor. So pets can stay connected with the real ground of the earth.


  • Waterproof fir wood is used
  • Painting is eco friendly
  • Capacity is 3 to 4 chickens (you may keep more than 1- 2 chickens if needed)


  • It is not separated for keeping different pet species because it is an open design
  • Not included roosting bar

Factors You Need to Know Before Buying a chicken coop

1. Construction Materials for Chicken Coop

The structural material of any substance is an important issue. Suppose, if you collect any chicken house that is not actually suitable for long-lasting. Besides, if your pets don’t like that collected coop, then the investment will be zero.

Normally, bird’s houses are made of iron and wood. But the main issue is that most of the time iron material is not perfect for pets and poultry birds. They need actual humidity.

Normally bird’s houses of iron structure can not provide the required humidity to the pets spontaneously. Besides, in the seasonal weather, the iron body can’t store the required heat for pets.

On the other hand, the bird’s houses of the wood structure provide the humidity that pets actually need. Actually, poultry birds are comfortable in the coops of a wooden structure because they can adjust to the humidity of that wooden chicken house (bird’s house) easily.

Note: All wooden materials of coops are not of high quality. For long-lasting capability, special wood is needed for making quality houses.

As research, fir wood has the strength that quality bird’s houses actually need. This kind of wood is also waterproof. This is the reason why this wood has no effect in bad weather conditions.

So, I think you should focus on the construction material of the chicken house before collection.

2. Size and Capacity of Coop

Planning is important for collecting the volume size of poultry coop. At first, you should design the total business plan, then according to your budget plan, you can decide what size of it you need.

You should also check the location size where you will place it. If you are a starter in this poultry sector, then my suggestion is that you should start with 4 – 15 poultry birds.

Normally one chicken needs 2-4 square feet in the coop. So calculate yourself what is the minimum square feet of floor space that you require for poultry pets.

You should measure the floor dimension for realizing the actual size that you need. After calculating all of this, now you can understand the minimum coop size that you require.

If you collect a small bird’s house with a little budget, then you can use it with other large bird’s houses in the future.

But if you start with a big-size coop, then you may need a high poultry budget. So I think at the starting level, you should start with a small one for learning about the poultry sector.

3. Easy to Clean

The quick cleaning procedure of any accessory adds more value. You also know that. So a quality coop also has an easy cleaning system so that you can clean it quickly.

Besides, germs can hamper your poultry business. If there is a removable tray in any coop, then you can easily remove that tray and clean it on a regular basis. So you should also focus on the total procedure of chicken house cleaning. Before collecting, you can check that procedure.

The good news is that the selected chicken houses have an easy opening tray system for cleaning.

4. Budget

If you really need high security for poultry birds and have a budget plan, then you can start with a chicken house. Otherwise, you can build it manually. But building a new one may trouble you.

There needs proper design to build a chicken house. Besides, you may not get the maximum facility from your hand-made chicken coop.

So the better idea is that you should start with a newly collected chicken house for higher security of poultry birds. If you have a strong poultry business plan or hobby and don’t have enough time, then you should collect this house.

Why Do You Need Elevated Type Chicken Coops?

A chicken coop is not like a poultry cage. Do you notice that most of the coops are made in keeping the distance from the ground?

Now I am telling you why chicken coops are important for poultry businessmen and others.

So don’t skip it…

Here are some notes, if you want to know the answer to this question.

Note 1: Keep Safe from Snakes, Mice, etc

Without having basement ground protection of any bird’s house, most dangerous species like snakes and mice can do any harm to your pets.

This is the reason why you should keep the specific distance between the floor and coop. In the structure design, a specific gap is designed in the chicken house for avoiding this dangerous situation.

Note 2: Keep Safe from Moisture

You know that flocks or pets don’t love moisture. Basically, if you stay in a near flood area, then the water can hamper the floor of the coops. Then, there is also moisture that may bring disease to your pets.

In this situation, you always keep the chicken house far from the moisture. So now you can feel that you need elevated houses that protect your pets from ground moisture.

Note 3: Keep Safe from Ground Snow

If you are living in a snow area and ground snow easily close the entrance area (door) of the coop. Then you need to clean on a regular basis.

This might be extra work, while you really don’t have enough time. So if the coop is elevated with a specific distance, then you can easily avoid this extra work.

Note 4: Enough Air Circulation

The pets require oxygen regularly. According to science, normally maximum oxygen mixed air is flowing at the top of the ground. In the ground section, the airflow is less than the upper side of the ground.

This is why it will be better to keep your pets in the full air flowing area. Besides, pets need a regular temperature all the time. This enough airflow keeps the temperature of the coops balanced. So the pets stay healthy in that place.

Now, I think you can understand my point about air circulation. Normally this type of raised coop helps to provide actual oxygen circulation to the pets.

Note 5: Durability of the Coop

When any bird’s house stays in the ground. Then the wooden material gets wet from touching the ground. For this result, That metal can’t stay for many years. So in this situation, an elevated wood chicken coop has higher durability than the non-elevated type of coop.

Note 6: Pet’s Safe Run Area

Your pets need a run area with security. In the case of the raised coop, there is a run area with a fence on the ground floor. This is why, regularly, pets can easily pass their time in that secured run area.

Besides, any wild animal can’t do any harm to your pets in that security-fenced running area.

Note 7: Easy Clean

The elevated type of house has the proper space for maintenance. So you can clean the ground area and chamber area of a house spontaneously.

Note 8: Easy for Egg Collection

Because of having the nesting boxes on the top side of the chicken coops, there is no need to do extra work to collect eggs. You can easily collect those eggs just standing.

How High Should Pets or Chicken Coop be on the Ground?

Normally the high is needed for the protection from various danger issues. So the higher the house, the safer it is. At least, you need to set up 8-12 inches for protection from wild animals.

But it will be better if the height is larger than 15 inches. So what type of high that you really need, depends on you. The overall issue about this height is that you should collect the right houses for birds with a specific height off the ground and use it on your pets.

Components of Chicken Coops

You should know the basic idea about chicken houses. For this, you should familiarize some parts of it.

Normally there are three types of spaces in it. Such as:

1. Nesting Box

This is a small chamber where chickens lay eggs. There is more than one nesting box in coops.

2. Main Chamber

The next part of the coop is the main chamber where chickens take rest, sleep and stay during bad weather.

3. Area of Chicken Run

This is the third portion where hens walk, run and eat food. This is a wide space. Normally the run area is located under the main coop.

How to Use Any Type of Chicken Coop

You have collected pets. Now the next step is that you should collect reliable poultry bird’s houses for them. So at first, you should know how to use it.

Don’t worry, It is not a hard task for you and after reading some information, you can easily maintain it.

So keep reading, if you really want to know about the use of it.

Normally there are three portions of the coop. You have already known those three sections ( nesting box, main chamber, and run area).

After collecting the bird’s house, you should clean the area of it. Then keep some straw in the nesting box. Next place the feeder and waterer in the run area. You can put the heater in the coop as required.

After doing all these things, finally, you can keep pets in your collected coops.

My Viewpoint on the Chicken Coop

In the summary section, I want to tell you that you should have basic knowledge about the coops before collection.

For this reason, here, I have also described its main functions. I have also told you about some factors that you will need before collecting them.

I have also given some reasons why you should collect elevated types of chicken or poultry coop. If you have more time, then you can read below the questions and answers about this poultry house.

Frequently Asked Questions About chicken coop

How Often Should You Clean the Pet or Chicken Coop?

You should supply fresh food daily. You should also clean the chicken coop bedding area at least once per 7 days.

If it is hard for you, you should clean the nest at least one time per month. You should keep alert about the hygienic condition of the coops where your pets live.

Do Chickens or Pets Need Water in the Coop at Midnight?

Normally chicken and other pets don’t need water at the coop in the nighttime. Basically, they drink the required water in the morning. Otherwise, they drink during the day.

Maximum professional poultry farmers have no choice but to put waterers inside the coop.

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