Privacy Policy

After entering this website (, this privacy policy informs you how this blog site uses the information that you give to us. We (Poultry Idea) also protect the data that you provide as your wish.

We have also the right to change or update this policy when necessary. Make sure that the information is the same with the latest update and then, we suggest you read any information on this website.

Data Securing

PoultryIdea is committed to protecting and securing the data of readers confidential. We assure you that your data will not be disclosed or revealed to state institutions and authorities except if needed by law and regulations.

In our modern world, we all know that all types of protection of any data are not 100 percent perfect or ideal. So, we may try our best to secure the user’s details with a security system.

The Data that We may Collect from the Reader

  1. Information(contact), email address and name.
  2. Other details that you may choose as interest during contact or registration.
  3. When you send us a message.
  4. Log files (for example the address of computer, browser and its type, number of visits, date, time, condition of visiting page) or IP address (internet protocol).
  5. Data profile (Your online behavior or activities).

Why may We Require Information from Readers

  1. For updating or improving our service or information (details).
  2. For knowing your interest.
  3. For helping you, we may send promotional mail.
  4. For finding and preventing fraud or spammers.

Cookie Policy

Cookies automatically collect your data (your behavior or activities, spending time on this website, count of visiting, location, etc.), when you agree with our site cookies.

When you agree to allow cookies, it may start to collect the required details as necessary. We may use this detail for developing our blog site and updating the data that you want to know.

The activity of the cookie is in your monitor and it monitors what specific page or blog post that you like most.

So by collecting these types of details, we will be able to understand what specific post is liked most by readers. After that, we may try to update that type of information on this website.

If you don’t like this cookie, you can easily disable this setting. For doing that, you need to work in your current internet browser. You will find the cookie setting in almost all types of browsers.

Links to Another Website may be Added to this Site

For finding the actual source of specific information, some links may be added to this blog site. When you click these links, you will go to the other sites to get more details.

After going to those sites, this privacy policy will not be effective and governed by this agreement of this policy.

Change of this Policy

Some information on this policy may be changed at any time when necessary. Readers should read the updated policy before reading any post on this site.

Restriction for the Collection of Reader’s Full Details

It is not mandatory to give full information when you fill up any form on this site. PoultryIdea will not lease, sell and distribute your details to others unless we have your permission. But, when any law forces us, we may share your data.

If you agree with this privacy policy, sometimes, we may use your details during sending promotional mail to you.

Contact Me

If you require more details, you can contact me when necessary.