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Md Mazharul Islam (Poultry Idea)
Md Mazharul Islam (Poultry Idea)

My name is Md Mazharul Islam (author of this blog) and I am an industrial engineer (consultant).

I am interested in the poultry sector and the specific tools that are used in that sector. You know that, in our technological world, some people are using tools for getting better results from this sector.

This is why I am trying to share the information that every poultry owner needs.

Still, now, I am learning the updated technology of this sector. When I have learned any topic, I try to share that data on this site.

Besides, I know mechanical tools that are also useful in this area. If you are curious to know more details about me, you may read.

After learning the poultry-related information, I gather the total data and analyze it. After that, I try to share any specific information as a blog post on this site (Poultry Idea).

My information is required to the people who don’t have any knowledge about this issue and they are also interested in starting this business.

Besides, experienced persons also read the information of this site for getting specific and reliable tools that are useful for birds (chickens, ducks, etc.).

When you start a new farm, you should read all the posts that I have shared on this blog site. After reading the data, I think you can get help and understand what type of instrument (tools) you should need for that farm.

Remember: You should contact an experienced person who has poultry knowledge. At the same time, you should continue the blog post that is useful to you.

Besides, you can contact me from here (Facebook profile).

Good luck
Md Mazharul Islam